Everywhere you look

It’s a shiny new selfie.

Here we are at the beach

They smile with teeth.

Here I am with this amazing burger

Feigning disbelief.

Here’s my beautiful new baby

And my perfectly done make-up.

Here we are at the mall

A wonderful time was had by all.

I’m not one for selfies.

What I want to know is

Where’s the rest of it?

Where’s the tantrum at the beach

When you forgot her bucket and shovel?

Where’s the long, greasy hair you found

On top of your side salad?

Where are the bags under your eyes,

The laundry piles,

The stacks of dirty dishes

The overflowing diaper bin

The last clean bottle

Your other kid,

Who you forgot to get dressed today

And has a chocolate milk mustache from lunch

At 4 in the afternoon?


(Here’s mine)







Where’s the dirty looks you got

When you said “No” for the fifth time

When asked if they could get a toy?

Where’s the selfie your daughter took of herself

With the huge booger hanging from her nose?

Or the shot she got of you

In your bathrobe and slippers

No make-up, pre-coffee.

Where’s the real life stuff?

Did you crop it out?

Delete it?

Did you ever even take it?



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