234 Babies Stolen from Their Beds

In Chibok,

234 girls have been taken.


234 daughters.





234 girls were taken in the night

As they lay sleeping

By the evilest of men –

By the Boko Haram –

Known for killing innocents

Out of hatred for the West.

From the comfort of our homes

With our daughters sleeping soundly in warm beds

Our hearts ache for them

For their families

We sign online petitions

Read of the atrocities

Hold our babies closer

While the parents of these



Cling to shreds of hope

That maybe their girls will be ok

When so many others were not

Ride motorcycles through forests

Searching for clues

A scrap of pajamas

A slipper

Tire tracks


Terrorists to plead with

The sound of a voice

Crying out in the dark.


Sign the petition here:



One response to “234 Babies Stolen from Their Beds

  • Laurie Keller

    My heart goes out to the parents of these 234 girls taken by these terrorists. We should all say a prayer for the girls safe return. Very well written Julie.


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