#27: Cleaning Day

Cleaning Day

Re-organizing the stuff

Sorting clothes

Dusting corners

Sweeping out the black walnut shells

Picking up sticks

Raking the leaves

Uncovering a toad the size of my hand

Cutting wild daffodils to place in a jar

Putting junk out at the curb

Putting Winter away

So Spring can find its way

Piper’s in the garage

Dancing to the radio

Jack’s out in the yard

Laughing his way down the slide

The wind pushing his hair up to the sky

He stumbles over the uneven ground

Pausing to reach down

And show us the twig he found

Falling over

Happy to sit in the mud

To soak up the sun

To touch and taste and examine each new rock, leaf, stick, blade of grass, cloud, rain drop, flower, weed

With reverence,

And share each discovery

With joy.

2 comments on “#27: Cleaning Day

  1. Laurie Keller says:

    This is one of my favorite writings among many others as well!! Laurie Keller


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