Poem #2: My Tattoo (of you).

My Tattoo (of You)

My tattoo (of you)

Is small

A single,


Open heart


A single heart,



A celtic motherhood symbol

Eternity knots


A thick black band

Encircling my left arm.

My tattoo (of you)

Will be placed

On the inside of my left arm

Near the elbow


Had you been born

Your head would have rested.

You left so quietly

And I didn’t have a chance

To fight for you

To see your face

To truly mourn you.

I would have preferred a painful goodbye.

Physical agony in harmony

With heartache.

I welcome the pain of the sharp steel needle

Plunged into the soft flesh of my arm

Again and again

As it creates, at long last

An image (of you) for me to admire

Something to look at

Run my fingers over

The picture I never got (of you).

Had I been given even a fuzzy, out of focus

Ultrasound photo

Of the black hole

Where you were supposed to be

It would by now be careworn,

Corners folding in

Creased from carefully folding it into my jeans pocket

Covered in kisses and fingerprints.

I once had a vision –

It hit me while sitting at my desk, one ordinary day –

Of a breathtaking little girl

Olive skin

Long, ringlet curls

So much like Piper, yet so different.

Was it you, my little lost love?

My Ruby Blue?

Return  to my flesh.

Live forever


My tattoo (of you).


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