Dear Next Girl

Dear Next Girl,

If he seems too good to be true, it’s because he is.  If something about his stories leaves you wondering, dig deeper.

If I know him at all, and I think I do, you might already hate me. He’s convinced you I’m a narcissistic bitch who lied and cheated and left him. That’s what I thought of the last girl, too. If it’s early in your relationship, he’s love bombing the hell out of you right now. In your mind, he’s the only one who’s ever really known you and understood you. In reality, he’s a skilled manipulator; he plays your heart strings like a fiddle. For your sake, I hope he’s changed from the emotionally abusive monster I knew, but men like him seldom do. They just move on to another victim. Another rabbit to their Lenny, as a wise woman once said.

I’m not going to chase after you, waving my hands in warning. I was you, once, too, and I wouldn’t have believed me, either. I followed my heart, just like you. And once you escape (and I hope you do), there will be others just like you. Intelligent, independent women blinded by a new chance at love.

If you ever hope to trust anyone again, run. And come find me.


The Last Girl







Love is…

Just a move in Words with Friends;

Double letter score on the V;

14 points.

I’m still losing this game

To another stranger.

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