The Wall

I’ve hit the wall

I walked miles

Through thick fog

No landmarks to guide me

No lines on this road

No hands reaching out

To lead me along

Just walking blind

One foot in front of the other

Stumbled over

A few rocks

(“This is just a bump in the road,” you said)

Fell into

A few pot holes

Where I should have stayed

Or turned back

But then I hit the wall

Or it hit me

Fucking thing

Came from nowhere

Dropped right out of the sky

No getting around it

So now I have to

Follow it

Change direction

Feel my way along in the dark

And I do

But now there are walls

On both sides

And it’s starting to rain

My fingers slide along

Wet walls

Follow as I turn corners

Reach dead-ends

Turn back

Round the next corner

Keep walking

Further and further

Into this slimy maze

Keep walking

Keep walking

Keep walking

There has to be a way out

Just keep walking

You’ll get there

To the heart of it

Just keep walking

Keep walking

The truth is in here somewhere

Keep walking

Keep walking, babe

Keep walking

Keep walking.